Quantum Mechanics meets Symplectic Topology


May 15-19, 2016

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Transportation from the Airport to Tel Aviv:

How to get to Tel Aviv University:

By Bus: (approximated time ~ 45 min)  buses from the city that go to TAU's campus include lines # 7, 25, and 126, all within 10 minutes walk distance from the hotels area. Another option is to take a "Sherut Taxi" - minivans that operate as shared Taxis that travel along the main streets of Tel Aviv (Dizengoff, Ben-Yehuda, Ibn Gabirol [another common spelling Ibn Gvirol]) and that can fill up a maximum of 10 passengers. The line which goes to TAU's camput is number 4-ALEPH (make sure to ask the driver if there is a stop at Tel Aviv University). You can check routes and timetables of the public transportation in the Dan (the local bus company) website: http://www.dan.co.il/english, and in the Egged (another bus company) website: http://www.egged.co.il/Eng/

By Taxi: (approximated time ~ 15 min) a taxi from the hotels area to Tel Aviv University should cost around 35-45 Israeli Shekels.

General advise: When taking a taxi, ask the driver to use the meter ("MO-NE") : it is usually cheaper and he is obligated by law to do so. It is not customary to tip the driver. There is no local (that is, inside Tel Aviv) public transportation at night (midnight to 6am, taxis excluded). Single bus tickets are valid "per ride". Thus, if you need to switch buses, you need to buy another ticket (there are some other options). Tickets are bought from the driver when boarding the bus (drivers have change [at least from 20 NIS] so don't worry if you don't have the exact sum).Almost all relevant travel information can be found at - http://wikitravel.org/en/Tel_Aviv

How to get to Schreiber Bldg. (where the workshop will be held):

Schreiber building is located in the east part of TAU's campus (see here). The closest entrance is through gate no. 2 (it's called "Beit HatefuTSot" in Hebrew = Diaspora Museum), which is on Klausner street on the East side of campus. Buses # 7 and 25 stops near this gate, but # 126 does not - it stops at the campus' main entrance (gate #7 on Einstein St) which is located on the east side of campus (all buses which arrive to campus stop there as well). If you enterded the university through the main entrance (gate #7), you should keep walking west, and after around 100 meters Schreiber Bldg will be on your left hand side (again, have a look here).



Tel Aviv has a large variety of great restaurants serving various food types. For some recommendations see e.g: http://telavivfood.wordpress.com/  or   http://hungryintelaviv.blogspot.co.il/ .

Booking: On Thursday, Friday or Saturdays it is wise to book a table. If you want a relatively large table (say 5 and more) book also on other days of the week.

Tipping: Israeli waiters expect 10-15% extra tip.

Credit cards & currency exchange:

All major credit cards are accepted in Israel. Most banks, including those at the airport and on campus, will exchange major currencies, such as USD and Euro, for Israeli Shekels (NIS). Israeli Shekels can also be obtained at most Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), including the airport and on campus.


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