Victor Palamodov

Professor of School of Mathematical Sciences  Tel Aviv University.

  • Newton's levitation theorem and photoacoustic integral geometry preprint December 2013
  • Fourier duality in integral geometries and reconstruction from non redundant data preprint November 2012
  • A parametrix method for image reconstruction preprint October 2012
  • Remarks on singular symplectic reduction and quantization of the angular moment Geometric Methods in Physics XXX Workshop 2011 Trends in Mathematics, 81--89 2012
  • A uniform reconstruction formula in integral geometry Inverse Problems 28 (2012) 065014
  • Hartogs extension for solutions of systems of differential equations Journal of Geometric Analysis 2012
  • An analytic reconstruction for Compton scattering tomography in Lobachevski plane Inverse Problems 27 (2011), 125004
  • Reconstruction from a sampling of circle integrals in SO(3) Inverse Problems 26 (2010) 095008
  • Inverse scattering as nonlinear tomography Wave Motion 47 N8, pp. 635-640 (2010)
  • Reconstruction of a differential form from its Doppler transform SIAM J. Math. Anal. 41 N4, pp. 1713-1720 (2009)
  • Remarks on the general Funk-Radon transform and thermoacoustic tomography Inverse Problems and Imaging 4 N4, 693-702 (2010)
  • Quantum shape of compact domains in phase space Contemp. Math. 481 AMS 2009 pp.117-136
  • Associative deformations of complex analytic spaces Letters in Math. Phys. (2007) 82, N2-3, 191-217
  • Infinitesimal deformation quantization of complex analytic spaces Letters in Math. Phys. 79 (2007), N2, 131-142

  • Office address: School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv 69978
    E-mail: palamodo("at")

    Courses of 2007

    Elements of the theory of Distributions

  • Distributions and Sobolev-functions of one variable
  • Distributions of several variables
  • Basics of the Fourier Theory
  • Fourier transform of distributions
  • Calculations of Fourier transforms
  • Distributions and differential equations
  • Radon transform

  • Courses of 2005

    Riemann surfaces and Riemann-Roch theorem

  • Reminder from complex analysis
  • Riemann surfaces. Examples.
  • Holomorphic functions and mappings.
  • Coverings, analytic continuation.
  • Topology, Riemann-Hurwitz theorem.
  • Differential forms, integrals, residue.
  • Sheaves, cohomology.
  • Finiteness theorem, Riemann-Roch theorem.
  • Serre's duality.
  • Abel's theorem and Jacobi's theory.
  • Lecture notes are available from the links:

    RS0 RS1 RS2 RS3 RS4 RS5 RS6 RS7 RS8

    Riemann surfaces and Nonlinear equations:

  • Basic facts on Riemann surfaces
  • Moduli and deformations of Riemann surfaces
  • Jacobi's theory and theta-functions
  • Baker-Akhiezer functions
  • Applications to integrable nonlinear equations: Kortweg de Vries etc.
  • Lecture notes are available from the links:

    RSN0 RS9 RS10 RS11 RS12 RS13 RS14 RS15