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Tel Aviv University, August 25 - September 3, 1999

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The goals of the conference are to discuss the role, future and unity of Mathematics, as well as the methods of mathematics and its connections with other areas, as we approach the year 2000.


The conference will be held from the morning of Wednesday, August 25 to Friday, September 3, 1999, mainly on the campus of Tel-Aviv University.

From the afternoon of Friday, August 27 till the late afternoon of Sunday, August 29, the proceedings will be held at a five star hotel on the shores of Dead Sea, the lowest point in the world. On Saturday, August 28, there will be no talks. We shall provide coach transportation to and from the Dead Sea for those participants interested in going there.


N. Alon, R. Aumann, A. Beilinson, J. Bernstein, S. Bloch, J. Bourgain, R. Coifman, A. Connes,
Y. Eliashberg, J. Froehlich, H. Furstenberg, T. Gowers, M. Gromov, H. Hofer, U. Hrushovski,
H. Iwaniec, A. Jaffe, P. Jones, V. Kac, G. Kalai, D. Kazhdan, S. Klainerman, M. Kontsevich,
A. Kupiainen, E. Lieb, L. Lovasz, G. Margulis,  R. MacPherson, V. Milman, Y. Neeman, S. Novikov, M. Rabin, A. Razborov, P. Sarnak, P. Shor, Y. Sinai, T. Spencer, E. Stein, D. Sullivan, V. Voevodsky, A. Wigderson, D. Zagier.

Scientific Committee:

N. Alon, J. Bourgain, A. Connes, M. Gromov and V. Milman

Local Committee:

M. Bialy, D. Ginzburg, M. Gitik, A. Lazar (Chair), M. Polyak, L. Polterovich, M. Sodin,
D. Soudry, U. Zwick.

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