Undergraduate Seminar in Number Theory 0366-3328-01

Tel Aviv, Spring 2007

Zeev Rudnick

The seminar will consist mostly of presentations by the students of various topics in Number Theory and its applications. There will be one formal meeting per week with the entire class (Thursday 10-12, Kaplun 319) as well as one-on-one meeting with the instructor to prepare the lectures, make up a homework assignment which will later be graded by the speakers and discuss the homework grades.

The main subject will be the theory of rational quadratic forms, culminating with the Hasse Minkowski theorem.


Thursday 10-12, Kaplun 319


All students need to have already completed the course Introduction to Number Theory.


Grading policy:

Weekly homework will be assigned. Turning in the homework by the due date is mandatory. The homework score will contribute 15% of the final course grade.

Contact me at: rudnick@post.tau.ac.il

Office : Schreiber 316, tel: 640-7806

Course homepage: http://www.math.tau.ac.il/~rudnick/courses/seminar07.html

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