Seminar in Continuous Optimization: Advanced topics in Convex Optimization - 0365.4106

Lecturer: Prof. Marc Teboulle ( )
Office: Schreiber Bldg. 227, Phone: 8896
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel-Aviv University

Time and Place: Winter Semester 2015/206 - Wednesday, 11 AM -- 13 PM, Schreiber Bldg., Room 209

The seminar will focus on the theory and applications of modern optimization methods.
Topics will include for example new theoretical developments as well as fundmamental applications in various areas such as:
machine learning, finance, signal processing, communications ect... and will be adapted to the interests of the audience.

Intended Audience and Prerequisites

Students who have taken both courses (or at least the first one): Convex analysis and optimization and its companion: Algorithms in Continuous Optimization, are strongly encourage to register.
The first course above is a must to register to this seminar.
Students with no previous knowledge or exposure in optimization can contact me to check if they can register to the seminar.

Course requirements and Grading

Each student will be assigned adequate material, including a research paper and will prepare a lecture based on the material asssigned.
The grade will be based on the presentation and the discussion that follows it.