Senior Faculty Members






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Head of the School:

Prof. Nir Sochen x8044 x7543 132
Prof. Jon Aaronson Pure x8805 x9357 021

*Prof. Saul Abarbanel

Applied x8951, 6412659 x9357 333
Prof. Felix Abramovich Stat-OR x5389 x9357 116
* Prof. Flavian Abramovici Applied x5359 x9357 325K
Prof. Semyon Alesker Pure x5380 x9357 101
Prof. Noga Alon Pure x8395, x7290 x9357 230
* Prof. Dan Amir Pure x9600 x9357 205
Prof. Shiri Artstein-Avidan Pure x7614 x9357 306
* Prof. Aharon Atzmon Pure x8825 x9357 329
Prof. Lior Bary-Soroker Pure x5362 x9357 208
Prof. Asher Ben Artzi Pure x6350 x9357 204
Prof. Yoav Benjamini Stat-OR x8756 x9357 202
* Prof. Joseph Bernstein Pure x8721 x9357 225
Prof. Michael Bialy Pure x8704 x9357 104
Dr. Niv Buchbinder Stat-OR x9356 x9357 327
Prof. Mikhail Borovoi Pure x9642 x9357 312
Dr. Lev Buhovski Pure x9634 x9357 232
Dr. Adi Ditkowski Applied x6059 x9357 302
* Prof. Nira Dyn Applied x9615 x9357 326K
Dr. Yuli Eidelman Pure x5357 x9357 229
* Prof. Daniel Eidus Pure - x9615 x9357 235
* Prof. Ilan Eshel Stat-OR x9621, 6416360 x9357 333
* Prof. Michael Farber Pure  8038   329K
Dr. Elza Farhi Applied x8828, x5363 x9357 017
Prof. Gadi Fibich Applied x7164 x9357 217
* Prof. Gregory Freiman Pure x5365 x9600 205
Dr. Avital Frumkin Pure x5361 x9357 512K
* Prof. Camil Fuchs Stat-OR x8425 x9357 325K
* Prof. Nima Geffen Applied x5361 x9357 512K
* Prof. David Gilat Stat-OR x9094 x9357 003
Prof. David Ginzburg Pure x5376 x9357 315
Prof. Moti Gitik Pure x8818 x9357 322
* Prof. Eli Glasner Pure x9356 x9357 327
Prof. Efim Gluskin Pure x8816 x9357 307
Dr. Assaf Goldberger Pure x5361 x9357 512K
Prof. Malka Gorfine Stat-OR x8391 x9357 234
Prof. Dan Haran Pure x8849 x9357 203
Prof. Refael Hassin Stat-OR x9281 x9357 107
Dr. Ruth Heller Stat-OR x8806 x8806 228
* Prof. Marcel Herzog Pure x8039 x9357 002
* Prof. Yoram Hirshfeld Pure x8817 x9357 003
Prof. Alfred Inselberg Applied x5359 x9357 325K
* Prof. Amnon Jakimovski Pure x8827 x9357 003
* Prof. Moshe Jarden Pure x9614 x9357 125
Dr. Leonid Kagan Applied x6349 x9357 325K
* Prof. Shoshana Kamin Pure x9644 x9357 222k
Prof. Boaz Klartag Pure x6957 x9357 229
* Prof. Abraham Klein Pure x9644 x9357 222K
Prof. Michael Krivelevich Pure x5366 x9357 301
* Prof. Aldo J. Lazar Pure x8032 x9357 222K
Prof. Ehud Lehrer Stat-OR x8822 x9357 303
Prof. Arie Levant Applied x8812 x9357 320
* Prof. Dany Leviatan Pure x8363 x9357 226
Prof. David Levin Applied x9169 x9357 326K
* Prof. Uri Liberman Stat-OR x8705 x9357 125
* Prof. Isaac Meilijson Stat-OR x8826 x9357 125
Prof. Vitali Milman Pure x9602 x9357 334
 Prof. Nachmias Asaf Pure x5359 x9357 335
* Prof. Alexander Olevskii Pure x9636, x8991 x9357 205
Prof. Yaron Ostrover Pure x8033 x9357 328
* Prof. Victor Palamodov Pure  x9615 x9357 235 
Prof. Ron Peled Pure x8034 x9357 231
Prof. Leonid Polterovich Pure x6064 x9357 023
* Dr. Alona Raviv Stat-OR x5361 x9357 305
* Prof. Joseph Roseman Applied x5365 x9357 105
Prof. Philip Rosenau Applied x8445 x9357 206
Prof. Saharon Rosset Stat-OR x8820 x9357 002
* Prof. Shmuel Rosset Pure x8455 x9357 002
Prof. Zeev Rudnick Pure x7806, x5374 x9357 316
Dr. Wojciech Samotij Pure x7164 x9357 217
Dr. Inna Scherbak Pure x5373 x9357 017
* Prof. David Schmeidler Stat-OR x9643, x6335 x9357 310
Prof. Steven Schochet Applied x9170 x9357 119
* Prof. Zeev Schuss Applied x8827 x9357 329K
Prof. Yehuda Shalom Pure x8703 x9357 024
Prof. Asaf Shapira Pure x8913 x9357 331
Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky Applied x8705 x9357 102
Dr. Eran Shmaya Stat-OR x8817 x9357 108
Prof. Eugenii Shustin Pure x8037 x9357 112
* Prof. Gregory I. Sivashinsky Applied x8391 x9357 234
Prof. Nir Sochen Applied x9622 x9357 201
Prof. Alexander Sodin Pure x8235 x9357 235
Prof. Mikhail Sodin Pure x9623 x9357 106
Prof. Eilon Solan Stat-OR x9635 x9357 126
Prof. David Soudry Pure x6351 x6956 328K
Prof. David Steinberg Stat-OR x8035, x6454 x9357 115
* Prof. Arie Tamir Stat-OR x8803 x9357 003
Prof. Marc Teboulle Stat-OR x8896 x9357 227
Prof. Boris Tsirelson Pure x9638 x9357 323
* Prof. Eli Turkel Applied x8038 x9357 329K
Prof. Barak Weiss Pure x7919 x9357 321
Dr. Yakov Yakubov Applied x5357 x9357 233
* Prof. Uri Yechiali Stat-OR x9637 x9357 325
Prof. Daniel Yekutieli Stat-OR x9612 x9357 207

* Emeritus
Prefix `x' denotes extension number. If calling from outside the university, prepend 640.
If calling from outside Tel-Aviv, prepend 03.
If calling from outside Israel, prepend 972-3. All offices are located in the Schreiber building unless followed by a letter:
K - Kaplun building
CC - Computation Center building
RR - Research Rooms (next to the Exact Sciences Library).