Ergodic theory and entropy

Tel Aviv University, Fall 2017

Thursday 9:10-12:00, Ornstein (sic!) building, room 102

Grading If there are English speakers in the audience, the course will be given in English. For those taking the course for a grade, and for those seeking a particular form of pleasure, here is the exercise sheet. Please submit by May 5, by email.

Notes In the lecture of December 28, I did not complete some details in the last proof of the lecture. Here are some notes.

  • M. Einsiedler, E. Lindenstrauss, T. Ward, A book on entropy (in preparation). Click here for the current version of publicly available chapters. The authors welcome comments and suggestions.
  • M. Einsiedler and T. Ward, Ergodic theory: with a view towards number theory
  • B. Hasselblatt and A. Katok, Introduction to the modern theory of dynamical systems