Current Students

  • M.Sc students: Shay Yaacoby, Nadav Greifman.

  • PHD students: Barak Brill.

Former Students:

  • M.Sc students:

    • Hadas Gur (2012), FDR Controlling Procedures for Discrete Data.
    • Meron Avidan (2013), Integrated two-stage procedures for multiple comparisons.
    • Rita Volkinshtein (2014), Normalization in ChIP-seq experiments.
    • Roni Eilenberg (2015), On the use of balancing scores in testing for exposure effect in case-referent studies.
    • Barak Brill (2016), Scalable non-parametric tests of independence, Link.
    • Liat Shenhav (2016), Replicability and meta-analysis in systematic reviews for medical research, Link.