Mathematics Colloquium

Tel Aviv University

Academic year 2016–2017

Basic information

The departmental colloquium of the School of Mathematical Sciences
meets on Mondays at 12:15 in room 006 of Schreiber building.
Refreshements are served at 12:00 in the lobby outside of the lecture room.

Semester A

31-OCT-2016 Zeev Rudnick (www)
Tel Aviv University
Quantum chaos, eigenvalue statistics and the Fibonacci sequence
07-NOV-2016 Hélène Esnault (www)
Freie Universtität Berlin
Linear differential equations with algebraic solutions
(Sackler Distinguished Lecture)
14-NOV-2016 Chi-Wang Shu (www)
Brown University
High order numerical methods for convection dominated problems
(Sackler Distinguished Lecture)
21-NOV-2016 Doron Puder (www)
Tel Aviv University
Matrix Integrals, Graphs on Surfaces and Mapping Class Group
28-NOV-2016 Lior Bary-Soroker (www)
Tel Aviv University
Is a random polynomial with plus-minus 1 coefficients irreducible over the integers?
05-DEC-2016 Gordon Slade (www)
University of British Columbia
Critical phenomena in statistical mechanics
(MINT Distinguished Lecture)
12-DEC-2016 Nikolai Nadirashvili (www)
Aix-Marseille Université
Inequalities for eigenvalues of Laplacian on surfaces
(MINT Distinguished Lecture)
19-DEC-2016 Adam Sheffer (www)
Geometric Incidences and the Polynomial Method
26-DEC-2016 Alon Nishry (www)
University of Michigan
Gaussian complex zeros and eigenvalues
Rare events and the emergence of the `forbidden' region
02-JAN-2017 Yair Minsky (www)
Yale University
Gluing hyperbolic 3-manifolds
(Leonard M. Blumenthal Lecture in Geometry)
09-JAN-2017 Paul Biran (www)
ETH Zürich
A Geometric Outlook on Fukaya Categories
(MINT Distinguished Lecture)
16-JAN-2017 TBA TBA
23-JAN-2017 Martin Hairer (www)
University of Warwick
Taming Infinities
(Sackler Distinguished Lecture)

Semester B

13-MAR-2017 Victor Palamodov
Tel Aviv University
Quantization of systems with symmetry and non-commutative geometry
20-MAR-2017 Vitali Milman (www)
Tel Aviv University
"Irrational" convexity
27-MAR-2017 Carlos Kenig (www)
University of Chicago
The energy critical wave equation: An overview
(MINT Distinguished Lecture)
03-APR-2017 Gady Kozma (www)
Weizmann Institute
Lamplighter groups and the log log law
24-APR-2017 Alexander Veselov (www)
Loughborough University
Topology and Integrability
(TIDY Distinguished Lecture)
08-MAY-2017 Leila Schneps (www)
Inst. Math. Jussieu
Probability and Bayesian methods in criminology
(TWIM Distinguished Lecture)
15-MAY-2017 Anders Karlsson (www)
Université de Genève & Uppsala
Spectral zeta functions, graph limits and the Riemann Hypothesis
22-MAY-2017 Yuval Peres (www)
Microsoft Research
Gravitational allocation to uniform points on the sphere
29-MAY-2017 Luigi Ambrosio (www)
SNS Pisa
New estimates on the matching problem
(Sackler Distinguished Lecture)
05-JUN-2017 Vadim Kaloshin (www)
University of Maryland
Can you hear the shape of a drum and deformational spectral rigidity of planar domains
(MINT Distinguished Lecture)
08-JUN-2017 Charles Fefferman
Princeton University
Interpolation and Approximation of Data by Smooth Functions
(2017 Mathematics Wolf Prize Lecture)
19-JUN-2017 Vsevolod Lev (www)
The University of Haifa
Around the Capset Problem


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The organizer of the colloquium in the academic year 2016–2017 is Wojciech Samotij.