Micha Sharir

Alicia and Isaias Nizri Chair in Computational Geometry and Robotics
School of Computer Science
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
972-3-6408804 (voice)
972-3-6409373 (fax)
michas at post.tau.ac.il

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Current Interests:

Computational Geometry, Combinatorical Geometry, Geometric Optimization

Slides of the talk
From joints to distinct distances and beyond: The dawn of an algebraic era in combinatorial geometry
And of the more recent talk
The Algebraic Revolution in Combinatorial and Computational Geometry: State of the Art,
presented at SoCG'17
And of the even more recent version
Algebraic Techniques in Geometry: State of (Some of) the Art ,
presented at SoCG'19


Computational Geometry
Advanced Topics in Computational Geometry
Geometric Optimization
B.Sc. Seminar on Computational Geometry
Research Seminar on Computational Geometry


(Some links do not point to a file; please contact me by email if you need a copy.)

The list includes papers from circa 1995.

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