ACTION NOW is a wandering seminar devoted to the study of group actions, their dynamics and geometry. It will be held once every 1-2 months at various universities in Israel. Periodically meetings will be held outside Israel. Cookies will be served.
  • First meeting, December 20, 2021

    Weizmann Institute of Science

    Speakers: Shahar Mozes, Guy Salomon, Raz Slutsky, Jacqueline Warren, Dani Wise.

    Followed by a jazz show by Tsachik and the irreducibles.


  • Second meeting, June 6, 2022


    Speakers: Ilya Gekhtman, Tsachik Gelander, Tali Pinsky, Alessandro Sisto, Itamar Vigdorovich.

    Followed by a jazz show by Locals, globals, and Tsachik


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