Workshop (Sadna): Quality of Service on IP Networks (2004/5)

Prof. Hanoch Levy ( ) 
2nd Semester, 2004/05 - Wednesday Morning .  
School of Computer Science, 
Tel-Aviv University

This page will be modified during the course.
First meeting: Wednesday 10-12. Location: TBD. participation.

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Course Description.

Copies of Slides (to be updated):
Introduction (updated March 04)
Layered Protocol Structure (Updated April 2004).
Measurements (updated March 05).
TCP Description and Behavior (April 04).
TCP Analysis (April 04).

Course general instructions
Challenge 2004 (1)
Challenge 2004 (2)

References :

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  2. Jaiswal et. al. INFOCOM'04
  3. Kapoor et. al. SIGCOMM'04
  4. INFOCOM03 references (traffic monitoring and topology inference)
  5. Stevens, TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol I.
  6. Murhammer, Atakan, Bretz, Pugh, Suzuki, Wood, TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
  7. N. H. Vaidya, TCP for Wireless and Mobile Hosts, A Power Point presentation

Last updated 10 February 2005