[20] Geometrization of Probability

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This is a talk which was given in Milano Mathematical Society and published in Milano Journal of Mathematics, 74 (2006), pp. 199-211
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This survey was written in 1999 but published in 2001, see [123]
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This survey is written in 2003 and should continue and complement the previous one. It should appear in "Different faces of Geometry" see [144]
[16] Topics in Asymptotic Geometric Analysis,

A talk on the "Visions in Mathematics" Conference; GAFA-2000; see [132].
[15] Surprising Geometric Phenomena in High Dimensional Convexity Theory,

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[13] Randomness and Pattern in Convex Geometric Analysis,

A talk on the International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin, 1998; see [124].
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  A monograph on the Local Theory :
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    The articles which are a mixture of survey and research information:
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    The articles with "historical" tendecy :
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