some papers in PDF format:

           Structures with pistes- different sizes

            A very weak generalization of SPFA to higher cardinals

           Short extenders forcings--doing without preparations 

           Short extenders forcings--doing without preparations. Bounded gaps.

           On kappa-compact cardinals

          On density of old sets in Prikry type extensions
          Proc. AMS, to appear

           Some consistency results on density numbers

           A note on sequences witnessing singularity - following Magidor-Sinapova

          On the splitting number at regular cardinal
          (with O. Ben-Neria)
          JSL 80(4), 2015, 1348-1360            

           Strongly compact Magidor forcing
           Silver type theorems for collapses

          (with M. Golshani)
          Fundamenta Mathematicae to appear

 Two Stationary Sets with Different Gaps of the Power Function

           Combining short extenders forcings with Extender based Prikry

           Short extenders forcings together with Supercompact Prikry and with Levy Collapses
           On tall cardinals and some related generalizations          
           (with A. Apter)
           Israel J. of Math. , Volume 202, Issue 1, pp 343-373

           Application of pcf for mild large cardinals to elementary embeddings
           (with S. Shelah)
          APAL  Volume 164, Issue 9, September 2013, Pages 855865    

          (with M. Golshani)
          Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 367 (2015), 209-229

           Short extenders forcings--doing without preparations. Dropping cofinality.

           SPFA by finite conditions
           (with M.Magidor)
          Archive Math. Logic
           Short extenders forcings II

           Remarks on non-closure of the preparation forcing and off-piste versions of it

           Extender based forsings, fresh sets and Aronszajn trees

          Indestructible Strong  Compactness but not Supercompactness
          (with A. Apter and G. Sargsyan)
          APAL Volume 163, Issue 9, September 2012, Pages 12371242

          A model with a measurable without normal measure
         (with E. Bilinsky)
Archive Math. Logic, 51, 2012,863-876

Short extenders forcings I

Adding many omega-sequences to a singular cardinal
(with S. Unger)
 Appalacchian Set Theory 2006-2012, J. Cummings and E. Schimmerling eds., London Math. Scociety Lecture Notes 406, pp.245-264

A model with a precipitous ideal but without normal one

Violating the SCH without large cardinals
(with P. Koepke)
 Israel Journal of Math. 191 (2012), 901922

On a strength of no normal precipitous filter
(with L.Tal)
  Archive Math. Logic, 50, 2011,223-243

                The failure of diamond on a reflecting stationary set
                (with A. Rinot)
 Trans. AMS

                A variant of Namba Forcing
               (Ronald Jensen proved recently a much better result without supercompacts)

               On changing cofinality of partially ordered sets
    JSL 75 (2010), 641-660

               Arbitrary gap: Lectures June- August 2008
             Gap 3: Lectures March-May 2008

             On  almost precipitous ideals
              (with A. Ferber)
Archive Math. Logic, 49, 2010, 301-328

Intermediate models of Prikry generic estensions
(with V. Kanivei and P. Koepke see also our variat of this result:
              A remark on subforcings of  the Prikry forcing)

              Approachability at the second successor of  a singular cardinal
              (with  J. Krueger)             
             JSL 74, Issue 4 (2009), 1211-1224.

             On a question of Pereira
             Arch. Math. Logic, 47, 2008, 53-64

            Dropping  cofinalities and gaps

            On partially wellfounded generic ultrapowers
             (joint with Menachem Magidor)
            in LNCS 4800, Pillars of Computer Science,
            Essays Dedicated to Boris(Boaz) Trakhtenbrot,
             Springer, 2008, 342-350
           On normal precipitous ideals
           to appear in Israel J. Math.

Some  pathological examples of precipitous ideals
JSL,  73(2), 2008,492-511

Dropping cofinalities 

             Simpler short extenders forcing- preserving strong cardinals

Simpler short extenders forcing- arbitrary gap

Simpler short extenders forcing-gap 3

On SCH and AP

joint with Assaf Sharon)
Proc.  of the  AMS  136(1), 2008,  311-320
        Power function on stationry classes 
(joint with C. Merimovich)
         ANN PURE APPL LOGIC 140 (2006) 75-103 
The Power Set Function
ICM 2002, Beijing

Pcf and Woodin cardinals
(joint with R. Schindler and S. Shelah)
Logic Colloquium '02,  Association for Symbolic Logic (2006) 172-205

No  Bounds for the First Fixed Point
Journal  of Mathematical Logic 5 (2005) 193-246

Prikry type Forcings
(Chapter in Handbook of Set Theory)

On gaps under GCH type assumptions
ANN PURE APPL LOGIC 119 (2003) 1-18  

Blowing up power of a singular cardinal - wider gaps
ANN PURE APPL LOGIC 116 (2002) 1-38 
On some configurations related to the Shelah weak hypothesis
ARCH MATH LOGIC 40 (2001) 639-650
(joint with S. Shelah)